Powerful Linux Domain controller for your business needs ( Windows 10 / Windows 11)

In this tutorial I'm demonstrating how to build a free but very powerful Linux domain controller, following Windows 10 client configurations on the domain

Linux Domain controller configuration, full tutorial(video)

Domain environment for small or medium businesses, powered by Linux.


Open community project to fight COVID19

FB # Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies
COVID19 is currently spreading exponentially, in a mostly unchecked fashion, throughout the world. Infection doubling rates are as high as 2-3 days. Under simplistic models, such unchecked growth means the disease infects most of the world in months. Current statistics indicate that 15-20% of people who get it require hospitalization for respiratory failure for multiple weeks, and often need intense healthcare from medical professionals who are at severe risk treating these highly infectious patients. If infections proceed at their current pace across the globe, we will not have enough supplies like ventilators, respirators, PPE, etc. to meet demand.
Join this group of engineers, project managers, professionals and inventors to design, validate, and source the fabrication of open source emergency medical supplies around the world, given a variety of local supply conditions.

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QR code security access control systems

QR code access control system v2.0. Cost effective solution for securing entrance authentication.
Working together with SelectProjects, our secure backend of our QRAC access control system has already been implemented for a UK Hotel chain, providing efficient, quick and secure access for their guests.

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Linux tips and tricks

Here you can find a collection of helpful commands, applications, etc. for Linux installations.

Click here for our Linux Tips and Tricks knowledgebase

microCloud v1.9

We are developing a new, secure, microCloud system for some time now.

Beta testing is underway, please click here and contact us if you are interested to participate.

Our aim is to provide secure, encrypted online cloud environment for micro tasks, notes, and file storage.

Simple Shutdown Scheduler - shutdown your PC automatically under Linux Mint / Ubuntu

Have you ever wondered how would you go about turning your computer off automatically?
You watch movies in bed or listen to some music before you go to sleep and would like to be able to shutdown your computer after a specified amount of time?
ShutdownScheduler is for you.
You can set your computer to automatically shut down after a specified amount of time (from 5 minutes to 5 hours). You can easily launch the application from your Desktop after installation. (tested in Mint/Ubuntu Cinnamon, Gnome desktops, and KDE/plasma, feel free let me know if you have managed to test it on other environments as well, and I will update my description )
This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under GNU General Public License.

Click here to download Shutdown Scheduler version 1.2 for Linux (.DEB - 11,748 bytes)

SHA256SUM for the .TAR.GZ file is :
00afd83f93276946855e57b8c1269fa8277cf783d260bdef612a1e21f99fcba4 Shutdown_Scheduler_v1_2.tar.gz

SHA256SUM for the .DEB installation package is :
480690a4da64f6de7a65e451537bd4f1e3c076f33a498722a339c31ed19e195f shutdownscheduler_1.2-1_amd64.deb

Combine Citrix solutions with Linux and make a powerful system for your business

In this tutorial I'm demonstrating how to build a lightweight linux based citrix client to turn your old PCs into lightning fast thin clients

Lightweight Linux Client for Citrix access (video)

Thin client systems for schools, small or medium businesses, powered by Linux.

Linux based thin client systems LTSP

Higly customizable Linux thin client systems, with central administration for keeping your IT cost low.

How to configure an LTSP server (Video)

Thin client systems for schools, small or medium businesses, powered by Linux.

High availablility Webservers & Virtual hosting

High availability webservers with virtual hosting, load balancing and backup solutions

Webserver setup and maintenance for small, medium and large businesses